Winter 2020 R4s Registration:  


The pools will be run out of the following gyms:

• A and B pools at Gordon Head Middle School
• C and D pools at Colquitz Middle School

The first schedule will be posted on Monday evening (January 13th) or Tuesday morning, prior to the first night of leagues. We are confirming addition of one team from waitlist.  In future weeks, schedules will be posted every Sunday evening, please check to ensure that you have the correct gym/time slot for your team!

Please note: There will be no leagues on the following dates due to gym conflicts.  The league dates have been extended to reflect this schedule. 

March 11th, 2020 - No Leagues (Both Pools)

SIVA Reverse 4s Rules:

  1. Men must attack from behind 3 meter (attack) line.
  2. Men may only block against men.
  3. No open-handed tips
  4. No setting the ball over the net
  5. For men, the volleyball must cross one line, besides the net, if one is inside the 3 meter line (no inside to inside play).
  6. Men may hit over-bumps, if they occurred on the opponent's first or second contact.
  7. Call out the score prior to each serve.
  8. Any discrepancies? Just re-serve.


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