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Our Story

The South Island Volleyball Association is committed to providing high-quality volleyball experiences for players of all ages and skill levels in the Greater Victoria area.

We try our best to grow the sport of volleyball at every level.

Our History

The South Island Volleyball Association was founded in 2006 by Andrew Schopp, starting with adult grass volleyball leagues to help enhance the offerings in the community,  Andrew grew the association quickly over the coming years, adding youth skill programs and crafting partnerships that have been maintained ever since.

In 2011, Chris Abra took over South Island Volleyball and has been the director ever since.  In that time, we have continued to grow our offerings and have formed new partnerships & opportunities within the provincial volleyball community.

The Vision

From the competitive yet casual fun of our outdoor summer leagues to training and skill development for youth and adults, South Island Volleyball is committed to providing high-quality volleyball experiences. By providing quality programming with a focus on the game, we look to grow Victoria’s love for the game.

Our Timeline


Humble Beginnings

Starting with 10 nets and a field rental, Andrew Schopp laid the ground work for growing a new volleyball company from scratch.  Without his dedication and vision for the possibility, South Island Volleyball wouldn't anywhere today.

New Director

In 2011, Chris Abra took over as the director of South Island Volleyball. Chris was a young and active member of the volleyball community in Victoria, coaching with local club and collegiate programs.

New Brand, Same Vision

In 2017, it was time for a rebranding.  South Island Volleyball had a renewed look, but with the same dedicated focus on providing high quality volleyball programming for the Greater Victoria Area.

New Opportunities

After a few years of steady program refinement and a focus on streamlining operations, South Island Volleyball is ready to continue to expand its offerings.

We don't have anything official to announce yet, but the future is looking sandy.


coming soon

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